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About Word Counter

Welcome to our free-seotools, we have SEO friendly tools for all SEO professionals so that they can continuous their effective efforts through our beneficial tools to run their SEO campaign successfully. When you write an article or blog posts you focused on that how many words you have written in your significant contents. It is very important to make your content search engine optimized for this purpose you required an accurate keyword density, with accumulation, You also need to count the number of words. So we provide you online Word Counter, by using this tool you can’t need to count the words one by one but it will give the accurate result in the form of total number of words and also provide you the total number of characters written in an article or blog after calculating the word and characters online within seconds.

Why you should use our Word Counter?

Our 100% free Word Counter helps you to check the total number of word count automatically. A written content which is published online have need of a specific word limit. If you go over there limitations than the whole content can become droning. It is very important that you should write content within word limits so that you can get ride from bothered situations. If you are professional SEO people you can easily understand the importance of word limits. The numerous websites across internet which have place a certain word limits, if you are a content writer or SEO expert you should have awareness about these word limits so that content can be posted on websites without any problem. If you count words manually it will be a very tiresome job for you. So we provide awesome Word Counter tool for you which is available online free of cost.

How does our Word Counter works?

free-seotools provide you the online facility of word count by developing an incredible and solid tool that is totally free for you. If you are a professional writer or SEO expert, our online Word Counter that is a word calculator and a character counter also surly helps you to find exact and accurate words limits of your written content. Just copy your content and paste it into the box and press the button” Count words”. Our free online Word Counter will provide you the result in blink of eyes on your screen. The most excellent performance of our tool is to provide the accurate word count as well as characters of your pasted content. You can also use our tool to check the exact limits of Meta Tag descriptions and you also get help from our other useful tool Meta Tag Generator.

Features of our Word Counter

Our online Word Counter is actually a word and character count tool that responds in few second.

  • We offer absolutely Free Word Counter
  • Easy to use for every one
  • Produces results quickly
  • Eligible to cont the word and characters of every language
  • Works smoothly on any browser
  • Saves your time and money
  • Accurate and reliable results
  • Mention your mistakes with red line

Word Counter is a valuable SEO tool for those people who are working across internet platform. Because the lengthy content is considered preferable by search engines so it is very important to check your total word counts of your content or article. You can use our online Word Counter to check whether your written content fulfills the word and character limits requirements or not.

How can our Word Counter tool help you in SEO?

It is a false impression that an article with minimum words can prove more valuable. It is very important to keep in mind that there is not an explicit magical method to get high rank in search engines. If you are a regular user of twitter you get know about the importance of specific word count that makes a tweet more important. If you are a professional web content or article writer, you can never describe an idea of 600 words in 200 words. So you should use our online Word Counter to make your tasks more valuable across the internet. If you want to check the uniqueness of your articles you can also use our free tool Plagiarism Checker, and can make your articles and content more reliable and valuable across the internet.