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About Link Analyzer

Welcome to our free-seotools, we provide you an important tool of analyzing your website links that is Link Analyzer Tool. The link analyzer tool helps you to keep check on the links rooted in your website or blog. This website link analysis tool analyzes both internal and external links associated to your website. After getting the result analysis you can easily determine that which is extinct and dead link and you can remove these links to improve the ranking of your website in search engines. One of the expert tool having competent features, try this tool to get splendid results for your SEO campaign.

Our Free Link Analyzer Tool

Our 100% free Link Analyzer Tool provides complete information about total number or links, internal and external links and nofollow links by checking the whole website. If you are a webmaster or a web owner, by using this tool you can get the entire link report of any website or blog and research other websites linked to you. Our Link analyzer tool generates accurate link analysis report in tables which is easily understandable by everyone. free-seotools has designed this brilliant tool that surely makes this process very smooth and effortless.

Features of Our Link Analyzer Tool

Our free Link Analyzer Tool breaks down the external and internal links of any website’s URL. If you are a smart SEO professional you need some extraordinary techniques to improve the traffic and ranking of your website. To use our SEO friendly tool analyze links free o cost in an effective way to boost your site traffic by making sure the quality of inbound links of your website. Don’t worry; you can get the complete report about your link very easily within seconds. As we intend immense care of you, so free-seotools provide you absolutely free Link Analyzer that is easy to use and provides reliable, accurate and immediate result.

How does our Link Analyzer work?

There are alike SEO tools across the internet but our advance online Link Analyzer is totally free that you will hit upon. Our website link analyzer delivers you all the information you required if you want to check internal and external links on your site.

It has no longer procedure of registration with email or download to use it, just enter the URL of your site and press submit button to see the result in the form of tables. It will present the result, number of total links, internal and external links, no follow links and complete table of do follow links and no follow links in blink of eyes.

This Link Analyzer tool will show you the following results:

  • Total number of links of entered URL
  • The number of internal links
  • The number of external links on your website
  • The number of no follow links
  • Complete table of no/follow and do/follow links of internal links
  • Complete table of no/follow and do/follow links of external links

If you are eager to get this important and accurate information use this supportive SEO and make your website more valuable.

Why you should use our Link Analyzer Tool?

If you are very devoted website owner or webmaster and want to make a link analysis of your website to edge over your competitors, you can also get the link analysis of your competitor’s website and can make a complete comparison; this super efficient SEO tool is here to help you. You can easily identify the dead links and by eliminating them, you can improve your page rank. It will be awfully helpful to you keep follow the links associated to your site. Our Link Analyzer greatly supports you to gain success in search engine optimization campaign by giving you a best chance of getting excellent page ranking for your site across the internet. If you want to improve your search engine ranking, your page should be clean, fresh and convincing and free from bad links. You can also use our tool Backlink Checker and Broken Links Finder to focus and recover your deficiencies in your website links which bring to a halt to you achieving SEO targets.