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About PageRank Checker

Welcome to our online SEO tools developed by free-seotools, also smooth the progress of your SEO targets by offering a powerful online Page Rank Checker. It is one of the best methods to check and analyze the performance of your website by checking the page rank of your site according to Google. After doing your best for on page optimization, off page optimization, online marketing and advertisements of your business by your website, you surely want to see that are your efforts going in right directions?, are you SEO strategies are being fruitful and valuable or you need to change your search engine optimization techniques in effective way. For all these analysis you necessitate to check the status of your page rank in the search engines. Don’t feel bothered, we have great concerns to make your efforts valuable for you, so we are providing you online absolutely free Google Page Rank Checker to make effective analysis of your web page that proves really helpful to take any important decisions to improve your SEO campaign.

Importance of Page Rank or PR of your website in SEO

Before discussing the page rank checker or PR Checker it is important to know about page rank. If you are SEO professionals or webmaster you should familiar with this term of “Page Rank” or “PR” which is measured in numerical term 0 to 10 by Google, Tells you the value and importance of a website, if the page rank of any page is 10/10 will be the highest and 0 is considered to be the least according to Google. Google uses Larry Page algorithm to determine the number of links pointed to a website and also analyze the quality of the website that offer those links, according to this criteria the website or pages are ranked by Google. Higher PR means your page has higher chance to get high PR across search engine.

How can our Page Rank Checker help you?

With the help of our online Page Rank Checker you can check the rank of your website to analyze your performance and efforts that you are putting for the success of your business website.

Our PR checker tool will surely help you to make convenient decisions to manage your website by applying suitable and effective SEO techniques making the entire link analysis of your site. Our other competent tools can also help you to supervise your site i.e. Backlink Checker  and Link Analyzer  can surly make your link analysis more proficient. Our expert Page rank Checker proves very constructive in decision making if you want to purchase a running website, place for advertisement on a web page or before getting any backlink, it will guide you about the quality of a website by tracking its Page Rank. . Our online PR checker not only saves your valuable time but also serve you as a money saver because it is totally free.

Features of our Page Rank Checker

free-seotools provides you the leading quality SEO tool and free Page Rank Checker is also one of them. Our powerful PR checker can check 100 URLs at the same time just by entering URLs will give you the accurate and precise result within second as we always ensure you to save your valuable time by showcasing performance oriented and less time consuming tools.

  • We offer this service 100% free
  • Checks upto 100 URLs at a time
  • Provide accurate results
  • Gives  result in few seconds

How does our Page Rank Checker work?

As free-seotools believes to deliver quality SEO tools, linke other tools our amazing Page Rank Checker checks 100 URLs that you’ve entered in the given place, putting them in a separate line. After placing URLs, just click on “Get Page Rank” button, you will get the result in front of you in blink of eyes.

Effective tips to improve your Page Rank

You must be familiar with this reality that the term “Page Rank” or “PR” actually refer the quality as well as the quantity of the links associated to your site. It means if your site has high quality links, there are more chances to get high rank in such engines but if links are not fulfilling the quality requirements, your website might be lose the ability of higher search engine ranks. To boost a big traffic to your website, make sure that the links that are pointed to your site are significant and relevant links.

If you are eager to achieve your SEO targets, the content of your site must be unique and effective. For this purpose our tool Plagiarism Checker helps you to check your content which helps you to improve your PR quality. If you remember all the instructions and search engines rules to improve your Page Rank, you can compel your SEO campaign effectively.