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Every blogger or website owner’s dream is to their website should rank higher in the search engine. To achieve this goal the primary key is backlinks.

There are two methods of SEO On - Page SEO and Off - Page SEO. So, backlinks are the primary element of Off-page SEO.

In 2016, according to the study found that 80% of traffic comes from the backlinks and rest 20% from other elements like content, Keywords, etc.

So, to achieve a higher rank in SEO here is the free tool for Creating Backlinks which will help to gain a potential traffic from another website easily.

What Are Backlinks in SEO?

The backlink is one of the most crucial terms in search engine optimization (SEO).

When a website is a link in any other sites for the same niche, it is known as Backlinks. It is the primary step for ranking a website in the search engine like google, Bing, yahoo, etc. if any site has many backlinks it tended to rank higher on all search engines.

 Importance of Backlinks in SEO 

1. Improves Organic Ranking:

For getting better ranking in Search engines like google, Bing, yahoo, etc.

The post may get organic traffics if the link of that post is posted in other sites. It will help to rank that position higher in search engines.

The goal should be to create links to individual posts or pages along with those leading to your homepage.

2. Faster Indexing

Backlinks help to crawl your site efficiently and discover links to your site.

Necessarily, for a new website, to get backlinks as it helps in the faster discovery and indexing.

3. Referral Traffic

It helps to get referral traffic and also referral traffic is targeted and has a very low bounce rate. So, it helps to rank website quickly in Search Engine.

After Understanding what is backlinks and its importance now, we learn how to use the backlinks for own website.

Before discussing how to use them. Keep in mind that it doesn't matter of quantity of backlinks but, it matters to the quality of backlinks. The more quality of backlinks your website has the faster your site will rank in search engine.

So, here’s the question:

How to get quality Backlinks?

1.Write Potential Content

Provide potential and original content it will help to get natural visitors per day.

2.Start commenting on similar niche website

Start commenting on guest forums and do- follow blogs. It is the natural and best method to get free and organic traffic from other website and quickly rank in search engines.
 But don't spam there.

At last, it is essential to have quality and contextual backlinks.
For example, your website is about sports, and you have created a backlink from another niche site about fashion, so these links are no 
use. The goal should be to get links from a relevant website or same niche.