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About Backlink Checker

Welcome to our world of Free SEO tools, free-seotools provides the important SEO tool Backlink Checker to determine that how are valuable your backlinks, Backlink Checker is developed to check the existence and effect of any backlink to your website. Backlinks are used to keep check on popularity of your website in search engines and plays important role to boost the traffic. Our 100% free SEO tool Backlink Checker checks the backlinks by crawling search engine which affect to your website ranking and rating.

What is Backlink Checker?

 Backlink Checker is very essential tool for webmasters, website owners and keen SEO professionals to keep watch on the high ranking of their website because if their website has excellent quality backlinks, it is considered to be more trusted and gain higher rank in search engine. So it is a big reality that your website requests backlinks because bad quality backlinks are cracked down by the Google. Our Free Backlink Checker surely helps you by tracking your website in search engines to check the popularity of your website quickly.

Features of our Backlink Checker

Our online SEO tool Backlink Checker is the ideal and best tool for SEO professionals due to its quick and reliable results which save their valuable time as well as cost also because it is totally free. Our Backlink Checker produces the absolute report for any website in blink of eyes. Our brilliant Backlink Checker is easy to use and has no longer procedure of registration sign up. You just have to enter the URL of website and our Backlink Checker provides you a comprehensive report of quantity and quality of received backlinks of your website.

How does our Backlink Checker work?

Our advance and powerful SEO tool tracks all the backlinks against entered URL speedily. Our online Backlink Checker counts the total number of backlinks as well as determines their quality also. It is not enough to have the large number of backlinks but their quality should also matters. Our online Backlink Checker performs different tests to determine that your website is pointed by how many and which backlinks and from where they are coming by tracing their places. Our smart SEO tool also notifies you if any problem is occurred with the backlinks. So don’t be late to get the complete report of your backlinks with a single click by using our Backlink Checker.

Why you should use our Backlink Checker?

Every intense and passionate SEO professional, webmaster or website owner, who wants to run their SEO campaign successfully, should use our online Backlink Checker. It is essential method to keep a check on their SEO campaign’s effectiveness. By using this tool you can easily make the comparison of your website to your competitors and can cover up the weak points to improve your SEO campaign. After making these comparisons you must able to have high quality backlinks which are surely caused high rating of your website. You can also use our Backlink Checker to track spam links which badly affected your ranking in search engines. But free-seotools takes care of you and just recommend using this tool to identify irrelevant backlinks. Now you can easily remove the spam backlinks who hurt your site ranking in search engines.

Importance of improving Backlinks in SEO

Backlinks take a central part in Search Engine Optimization by facilitating you to improve the credibility of your authorized website. Search engines highly ranked your website if it has high quality content and links. But if your site has low quality backlinks it can be cracked down by Google or other search engines also because search engines also checks the quality of the inbound links. High quality backlinks can make your website more evident and you can successfully run your SEO campaign. For driving your search engine optimization campaign in a right way successfully, we suggest you to use our other Free and brilliant SEO tools Link Analyzer and Broken Links Finder.